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December 28, 2011 Journal
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Dear Friends,

I should by all accounts be dead.  It was a miracle that I survived one or more heart attacks in Central Asia.  One thing a person is NOT supposed to do after a major heart attack is fly long distances, but I flew literally half way around the world after mine.  It is a miracle I survived.  It took six days after my visit to an American emergency room to diagnose my heart attack, and two more days before I received my two stents and angioplasty.  It is a miracle that my heart function more than doubled in the first month following that procedure, after being starved of oxygen for so long and with the amount of scar tissue that had formed.  The echocardiogram technician said, “I would call you a walking miracle!”  So, I believe in miracles.

But I am uncomfortable with the term “miracle.”  Does it imply that God is not intimately and intricately involved in the world?  I am afraid that too often behind that word there is a mistaken assumption that God only gets involved when we yank the emergency cord.  And even then, only sometimes!  I have been guilty of this myself, but I do not believe that at all anymore.

Many incidents in the Old Testament repeatedly return to impact me.  One of those is when Jacob fled from his home.  Having had many pillows in my travels that reminded me of his stone pillow, I have empathy for him!  When Jacob awoke in the morning, he realized, “Surely the Lord is in this place—and I did not know it!”  How often in my life I have been reminded of that, too.

God IS involved in this world and even in our lives.   As I reflect this Christmas season, is not THIS the message of the Miracle of the Incarnation?!?  God came down and got muddy feet so that God could release us from the power of sin, remake US and remake the world with us.

Thank you once again for joining with me, praying for me and supporting me, as God continues to work in me and through me.  Let us continue throughout the year to celebrate the Miracle of the Incarnation, and the miracle of Immanuel, God with Us.

With deepest gratitude,


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