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135 Joyful Children

December 9, 2011 Journal

Sarah Nash is a volunteer missionary serving in Costa Rica while she attends language school.  Catch up with her at her blog.

About two weeks ago, my language school sponsored a Christmas party for the kids from Roblealto. In my last blog explained a little about this organization.  About 80 kids at this party are currently living at the Roblealto Bible homes.  These homes are similar to foster care but they are all located on the same property.  These kids for some reason or another cannot live with their parents for a period of time, some for only 6 months or even up to three years.  At Roblealto also has a school that is for the children staying at the Bible homes along with other kids in the community.  This community is about an hour way from where I live, its a very poor rural community in the mountains. The party was quite the production, we had many volunteers that were: game station leaders, group guides, cooks and food distribution, etc. The party began with the reading of Jesus' birth in Luke and kids from Sojourn (the elementary-high school on campus) acting out the story. Afterwards the 7th grade bell choir performed, and then the games started. There were 10 game stations that the kids all rotated through each station. At that time I was busy keeping track of the time because we only allotted 6 minutes per rotation, however I moved around the gym to see all the games and watch all the kids having fun and laughing. 

One little boy kept coming up to me asking when he was going to get his present about every 5 minutes during the game time. I kept telling him that he has to be patient and promising him that he won't leave without a present. My school had a toy drive for all the kids that attended the party, each child made a wish list. His wish was a toy helicopter...he kept asking me if he got it. I smiled and said "I don't know but you will just have to wait and see". After the games we had piñatas, food, and distributing the presents. The gifts were divided up in grades each group of kids sat around the big bag of gifts and the leaders passed them out. The smiles and the screams of excitement were overwhelming, it almost made me cry. One girl received a baby doll and little stroller immediately after opening it she ran to her leader and gave her a hug and started crying. (I didn't see this but many of the volunteers were talking about her after the party.) 

The girl in the pink scarf taught me a lesson on generosity. I know I definitely didn't have the same willingness to share at her age. She received a bag of chocolate candy along with her present. She immediately opened up the bag and past around chocolates to her peers in the group. It gave me great joy to see that she would think of others before herself. If everyone acted this way, I think this world would be a better place.  I am very happy that I got to help organized this party, it was great blessing to meet all these kids and to witness the laughter and the cheering throughout the gym.

Thank you for your prayers, for coming along side me and helping with missions in Costa Rica.

I plan to visit Roblealto in a few weeks.


Sarah Jean