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Feliz Navidad!

November 30, 2011 Journal
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¡FELIZ NAVIDAD!            

Dear Friends,                                   

Maranatha, “come Lord Jesus” is the cry of so many whose lives are so hard.  We are frequently asked when He might return and our answer is always the same:  maybe today and maybe not for a very long time. 
But he has come!  IMMANUEL, born in a manger, born to hard times; yet he lived with such grace and he taught with such understanding and ministered with such power:  God with us!  If the second coming is inscrutable, Advent is so clear:  the Father revealed in the Son, full of grace and truth…what a story we have to tell!  Angels sing and shepherds adore and wise men seek.  There is nothing like it in all of history, nothing can compare!
Here in Mexico we long for his return but we rejoice that He has come.  That baby of Bethlehem who became that preacher and teacher and miracle worker, the only begotten Son, love incarnate:  Savior of the world. 
We join with you and with all who believe, of every nation and tongue, grateful for the privilege of serving and seeing Him in the faces of our sisters and brothers, grateful for the story we have to tell and its power to change everything.  MERRY CHRISTMAS! 

– ramona & chuck