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November 17, 2011 Journal
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There’s been lots of changes in the past ten years!   We’re amazed at the development we see here in Guwahati.  The shopping Mall has arrived, as have lots of foreign products, even a KFC and Pizza Hut!  Along side the glitz and convenience markets the roadside markets flourish.  In fact, most of our daily shopping for food items is done through these local roadside vendors.  

 The first thing Taku went shopping for was tea….real tea….loose leaf from the tea gardens of Assam.  He went around the corner from the CBCNEI compound to a tea seller he used to regularly buy from.   The owner cocked his head to the side, studied Taku without speaking, mentally calculating.  Finally, face beaming, he spoke,  “After ten years!”   Day by day we are reconnecting with folks we’d dealt with years ago.  A general store owner who’s converted his shop to a bakery, filled us in on changes in the family business.    Our ‘dahi’ (yogurt) and sweets shop maintain the same personnel.    The old lady sitting at the roadside selling vegetables got out her freshest for us as she recognized and rejoiced over our return.

 Here in our new home our nearest market is one which we frequented also years ago.   Our first evening here Taku ran down (literally, we live on a steep hillside and travel by foot since we don’t yet have a vehicle) to the bazar.   Both the man selling the live chickens as well as the fish monger recognized him.  One recalling, “You used to always come here with your white wife!”  

 CONNECTING….that’s what we’re here to do – what all of us are to do, to make a difference in our community.   We are privileged to be reconnecting with people we just routinely deal with….merchants, vegetable vendors.    Years ago we talked with them, squatting along the roadside, standing in mud, doing business in the rain, by kerosene lamps,  buying their goods…asking about their lives.  Connecting, caring for those we encounter along the road of life.  We’ve been surprised and blessed they remember.  We are excited at the opportunities to further connect.  Pray with us that the love of God will touch their hearts and draw them to the joy we share in Christ.

 We are connecting again with the Body of Christ here in Guwahati as well.  Katie has been invited to speak November 27th in the Naga Christian Fellowship Guwahati where she ministered for several years.  In December we will both be ministering in the Regional Conference for Youth With A Mission workers in Dimapur, Nagaland.   Taku will preach Christmas Day in Guwahati Baptist Church, the oldest church in the city, founded by the ABC missionaries. 

 As always, we count on your prayers!  As partners in this wonderful venture of faith, we need you to stand with us as we begin to engage in the purposes of God through our lives. 

 May you be richly blessed by our loving Father!