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…... S ... L ... O ... W D …O … W ... N …….. but keep on moving!

November 14, 2011 Journal
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 Delay upon delay upon delay …… we knew, but we’d forgotten.  You know how that is?   From previous experience we anticipated the adjustments we would encounter in managing life in India.    But we are still taken by surprise sometimes in our daily dealings with mundane life details. 

            This part of India has undergone tremendous change and development in the past several years and this does expedite some of our ventures.  But it also complicates life because along with the growth and development there has been a surge in vehicle ownership, that unfortunately road development has been able to keep up with…..translates to ….. lots and lots of traffic jams!  Ah, but that’s life in cities everywhere.  Guwahati at just over 2 million population, is a small city in this nation. 

             One of our initial discoveries as we began trying to establish here, was that without the renewal of our expired Nagaland drivers license we weren’t able to sign a lease, get a cell phone connection or even take care of some banking matters.  Thus, an immediate trip to Dimapur was required.  Now, thanks to recent developments we were able to travel from Guwahati to Dimapur and return that same day by train!   Previously that journey involved a whole day on the road just one way!  Finally, with our DL in hand we’ve been able to move on, procuring a rented residence, and now (with the necessary documents from our Land Lord) we are at last able to apply for a mobile connection…of course we’ll have to wait a day after submitting all the necessary documents and four passport photos per person!  But we are making progress!  Soon we will be once again connected with the cyber world!

            This is a busy time of year known as “Festival Season” here in India.   There are special celebrations observed by the many different religions in this nation, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, etc.   The markets are crowded with people shopping for these special occasions.  The Hindus observe several different ‘Pujas’ engaging in special worship events for various deities on particular days.  The past two weeks have held numerous pujas, bringing non-stop fireworks for several nights, chanting and singing over loudspeakers 24/7 for others.  This week our efforts at getting any business done has been again hampered by delays.  Monday many businesses were closed for the Muslim holiday Id, Tuesday and Wednesday the entire state paused in mourning for a beloved singer who died in Mumbai but was brought here to his hometown, lay in state for two days where tens of thousands thronged to pay last respects.  Schools and government offices were closed!  Today we’d hoped for work to resume, only to realize this is a Sikh holiday celebrating the birthday of Guru Nanak…another national holiday so offices are closed!   

            Slowly, but surely, we are moving along.  God has provided a spectacular home and we are daily venturing into the hot streets traipsing along conducting the business of life….step by step getting things done.  

     Actually, things aren’t moving too slowly considering we’ve been in Guwahati less than three weeks!  Perhaps we are still just a tad impatient!  Well,  God has ample opportunity to work on that area of our character each day we’re jostled among the crowds in our daily marketing! 

        We remember all our partners in prayer and trust God is meeting your every need with His grace and peace.   We are so grateful for your prayers as well.