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A story of one women's struggle after the earthquake

November 7, 2011 Journal
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Dear Loved Ones.

Greeting. Let me introduce you to Madame Claudette Deciere Venel. She is the widow of pastor Venel who died in the earthquake. Both are founders of Salem Baptist Church. In spite the death of her husband, Mrs. Claudette has remained very active in the church and helping women as their president.

What is striking to me is the fact that while the man was still alive, they built the church and their house in their personal compound. After the death of the pastor, the wife has given the propriety to the church while she does not have a place to stay in. She is renting close by.

They also started a small school in the church to help the poor children of this neighborhood in the capital city of Port-au-Prince. She continues with the school but struggling to make the end meet. Housing has been a big issue in Mrs. Claudette Venel's life with 4 children. Someone we can call a good Samaritan helped her get a piece of land, but no dream of how to build even a one room house. She asked me to help her in prayer for a miracle from GOD.

Please join us as we pray to God for Mrs. Claudette Venel's situation.



Kihomi Ngwemi

Dear Friends,

This is another story of a courageous person struggling to do God’s work and help others while hurting themselves.  Haiti is full of stories like this but Kihomi’s ministry lightens the load somewhat and brings hope to an unknown future.  She weeps with those who weep and let’s them know they are not alone.  Please pray for Mrs Venel and the countless others that are hurting in Haiti.


 Dennis Shewell

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