International Ministries

Volunteer Team Finds Love and Hope at Deborah's House

October 3, 2011 Journal

The team from Mid America served at Deborah's House, Mexico in August 2011.  Jan Grogan, team leader, writes about their experience..

Our week was full of interaction between the women and children of Deborah's House, the staff there and the staff of their sewing workshop. Our mission was to work on furthering the completion of the upper story of the shelter with constructing a double sink cabinet, construction of the stairway to the second floor, and working with the staff of the sewing project to help the women learn a new craft, quilted tote bags. Helping the women complete a large order from a school in the USA was a special joy.


We were concerned that our team was small, only 7 members, until we learned that Ray and Adalia and Michelle and Melissa would be staying at the shelter, also. Eleven at the shelter is perfect. All our efforts to increase the size of our team and the road blocks we experienced were not failure but were evidence of God at work. The team had just the skills needed to be effective in the tasks before them. Being called to help with the sewing, to help meet a deadline of completing the order for computer and I Pad bags facing the staff of the sewing project were just what some of the women in our group needed. The ability to plan and build a staircase and create a cabinet fit the skills of others. As problems or glitches presented, the team was able to work through them together. Framing each day of our time there with a time of Bible study and reflection gave us a sense of oneness and sensitized us to hear and see God in this place. Insights and reflections abounded when a quiet time together gave opportunity to hear and see.


I was inspired by the growth of the sewing project. The quality and complexity of the work shows real progress. The project now supports part of the ministry of Deborah's House as well as becoming the seed of a growing industry that can offer jobs to women in the future. The faithfulness of the women of the staff, and the continued support of the women of the churches in Baja is amazing. I was also inspired by the many talents of Ray and how he has dreams being fulfilled by working with groups and local workers to slowly move the shelter toward completion. He serves through plumbing, building, planning, organizing supplies and tools, supervising groups of unskilled as well as skilled volunteers, counseling and caretaking all while loving and being loved by all the kids and moms.


We saw God at work in the community through the security and safe feeling in the faces and actions of the women sheltered at Deborah's House. We saw God in the ministry of Ray and Adalia and in the way the team was able to blend into the process of sheltering kids and women who needed to know a little attention and care. The caring and concern displayed by the staff of Deborah's House was great and inspiring.


Ray and Adalia seem to be the perfect pair for this ministry with their loving and understanding spirits and gifts of leadership and ability to direct and help others to minister. The "father" figure that Ray presents to these children is one of loving authority and caring and concern for the welfare of each...just what the children and Moms need! Adalia’s gifts of counseling and support, as well as being Dr. Adalia give her so many opportunities to be God's hands there. God’s love shines in these two. The manager of the shelter has quite a story. Trained as a minister in seminary, she has found her place as a woman in ministry in Mexico at Deborah's House. Woman after woman say they didn't know there were people who cared and showed God’s love in so many real ways until they came to the shelter.