International Ministries

News from Chiang Rai International Christian School October Update

October 2, 2011 Journal


The school will move to the new buildings at the end of October.  Much work is still to be done and the rains continue to thwart all efforts.  They are trying to create a drivable surface to the school and some yard area for students to run and play.


The building for my class is only a concrete slab that cannot dry because of the continuing rains.  If that building is not completed we will crowd into the one that is finished.  That could mean two classrooms of materials and furniture, K and first, in one room!  And an additional move when it is finished.


I’ve also just learned that the storage unit, TV, and air-conditioner in each room will stay with the rental property.  There isn’t enough money in the building budget for these things.  So I’m looking for a thousand dollars or more to buy things for the new room.  Donations can be made through International Ministries by using the website:   or give at our Mitchell church, specify the school and use of funds.


 We have added an elementary assembly this year.  A sixth grader serves as mc and we have music with actions, one class shares what they are learning, a brief talk, and awards during the last 30 minutes of the week.  


Our K-1 Class shared this week by reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.  There were nine readers and one caterpillar that “eats”.  The caterpillar was operated by the 5 year old Korean boy, not yet speaking English.  Most of them felt quite shy but did a great job.  I was proud of them.

 The audience, grades 2-6, chuckled and cheered in all the right places.  They especially liked our adaptation of the caterpillar eating “mango and sticky rice” and all things Asian.  (If you’ve not had the joy of eating mango and sticky rice—we’re just sad for you!)


Sandy Michael, volunteer in Thailand