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On The Road Again

September 10, 2011 Journal
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Dear Partners in Ministry,

Greetings from California, where we are currently on home assignment. The family part of the trip is over, and it was good to be with Larry’s mother for her 90th birthday. All her kids, grandkids, and surviving siblings were in attendance, and a number of us headed to the beach for a couple of days. It was the first time the whole family had been together for fourteen years, so we had a lot of fun and catching up! After the family event we snuck off to a national park or so and spent a week walking, appreciating some of God’s creation. The scenery was beautiful and the wildlife fun. Prairie dogs got the cute prize.

While the cats are away… Anna has been going to it in Ban Luang. First she delivered a wheelchair for us. I have been searching for a small, lightweight wheelchair for Bet for a long time, and just before we left we found one that was the right size and weight. Bet looks good in it, and Bim, his mother, is happy too.

Construction continues. Anna looked after finishing off the room for Ou Ee Won, an elderly lady who needed downstairs accommodations so she could get to the bathroom. When we left, the room was half built. Family and neighbors were providing the labor free of charge, and the local health clinic and council helped out with some materials, bringing the project in under budget. It is good to be part of a community project and to encourage others to take care of the elderly.

No sleep ins.  A week or so before we left, we were both interrupted on our morning walk/run by a young man. He wanted to know if we could help him build his house. We told him that since he was young and healthy he fell out of our guidelines, but we would visit them in a day or so. The next morning it was raining, but at 6:15 he and his wife came and asked again, so we went. The house consisted of a roof held up by poles and a room that had been sectioned off with blankets and other temporary materials. I looked into the room and saw their two small children asleep, protected from the weather by very little. We were both moved and we discussed their situation with our colleagues. We went for some blocks, cement, and other building materials, and asked that he work it off over the next year. They both seemed very happy with that. We are looking forward to building a relationship with Ek and family when we return.

Red tape.  In the last couple of weeks before we left Thailand, we worked hard on getting the paper work ready for Dema and Caroline to get a work permit through the Education Department. It seemed that we needed their whole life on paper and in triplicate! Hopefully everything was there and they move up from Bangkok on September 21. Anna is in situ to help with some of the details, and Ek is ready to help get their house ready.

On the road again We have started visiting churches here and are looking forward to sharing with many of you firsthand what God is doing in Thailand. We are continuing to work on the teaching materials while working with Muana and Villy on getting the lessons into a standardized format that will be easy for the church to use in the future

Thanks again for your partnership.
Larry and Jan Prayer

* Pray that the families we work with will understand something of God’s concern for them and be drawn to Him.
* Pray for Anna as she not only does her ministry but helps cover for us while we are on U.S. assignment.
* Pray for us as we travel, sharing God’s Ban Luang story. Pray that people will want to support this ministry both prayerfully and financially.
* Pray that all of Dema and Caroline’s paperwork is complete and their work permit and visa are issued.

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