International Ministries

Tropicial Storm Noel Update

November 30, 2007 Journal

Brothers and Sisters,

It is Wednesday, Oct. 31, and it is still raining. The
weather has been like this since the past Sunday. Tropical Storm Noel hit our Island during the weekend and the results are devastating
and critical. The main cities affected are: Santo Domingo,
San Cristobal,
Bani, Azua, Ocoa and Bonao.Here are some
official numbers as of this evening:

56 people dead

27 disappeared

682 rescued

21 bridges washed out

17,895 people in shelters/schools

40,433 people staying with families or friends

13,921 homes affected partially

661 homes totally affected

I have been taking water out of my apartment since Sunday
and non stop, but I am okay and dry.
This is not important when I see the TV news and when I went and visited
some of the many people, friends -- my brothers and sisters in such a critical
situation without home, shelter, clothes, a bed to sleep, a blanket for the
cold/and mosquitoes, shoes, food, medicines, etc. Here is when my heart warms
up and stops crying and puts hands to the work so that I can help as much as I

Thursday, I will visit some of our friends at the Bateyes
San Jose and Las Javillas. I do not know if I can get there since my truck is
2x2 and I will need a 4x4 to go in due to the roads and mud. If not I will rent
a bigger truck and go and see how our friends are and how we can help them too.
Our brothers and sisters in Bani are doing okay, I spoke with Pastor Richard
and he said he is okay, just a member of his church that his home suffered a
little. Pastor Valera of San Juan de la Maguana is doing okay too. Church families
and neighbors are okay. They have the normal situation with some home flooding,
but nothing bigger than that thanks to God. I also spoke today with Pastor
Marino from Iglesia Bautista Vida Eterna Association and he said that everyone
is okay. He is a little sick with a cold from Sunday when he got wet helping
others. Rev. Pierre Espadi, from Haitian Baptist Association said that he is
okay and his family. He has not had any communication yet with some of the
Bateyes in risk, but he will call today to know about them. Association of
Baptist Churches of Dominican Republic (IBAREDO) and its President William
Toribio said that as of today noon information was that everyone was okay.

I will very much appreciate any emergency economic support
IM can send to help some of the families that lost everything. At least we can buy
them some clothes, a mattress, mosquito nets, shoes, medicines, etc.

Please keep us in your prayers. Many thanks for your support
to missions and missionaries. Blessings,

Rev. Madeline Flores-Lopez, Missionary in Dominican Republic

International Ministries and the American Baptist
Churches (ABC)