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Sarah Nash’s Latest Journal from Costa Rica

August 23, 2011 Journal
Emmaus Community in Costa Rica

What a great 12 days! The last 12 days my friends from Emmaus Community/FBC were here on a mission trip. We worked alongside the church in Aserrí, to hope that we can deepen our relationship with that congregation. Luckily, my vacation with my language studies coincided with the time they were here. That way I was able to be with them every day. This year with the group was different in a lot of ways. One of the differences was that I live here and that the group was coming to me and I wasn't traveling with them. Also, this year the church wasn't under construction so we had more time to visit elders, participate in a church outreach, participate in their mission church in the mountains, visit the school, and to spend more time with Pastor Alberto and his family. I'm glad I was able to put the Spanish that I have learned over the last four months into practice. I helped with the most of the translating during the week when the Baits' weren't around, well as much as I could with conversations...but not the sermon. :) It was a great, brain hurting, beautiful experience. The first Sunday we went and spent the night in the mountains at La Finca (the farm) that the Pastor and his wife, Mayela own. The following day was Mother's Day so we made breakfast for Mayela. I taught the group how to make tortillas. (Mayela taught me how to make them during my first visit to the farm two years ago). It was fun cooking over the wooden stove and gathering the eggs that were just hatched by the hens. 

As I have shared before in a previous blog, the church of Aserrí has a mission church in San Marcos. This week they were painting/cleaning up the grounds around the church house, so we were able to help them with this ministry outreach. Also, we spent one day at an Elementary school. Mayela is the principal. We got to visit the school last year but this year we were able to help in one of the English classes. The questions I got asked were priceless...(of course these questions were asked in Spanish, even though they should of been practicing their English :)) Do you have a baby? Are you rich? Do you know more Spanish than your friends? Have you seen snow? Have you been to the Golden Gate Bridge? Have you been to Las Vegas? What is your favorite animal? What is your favorite color? Are you married? How old are you?

 Even though the last week and a half went by really fast it was good to be with friends from Olympia, and the congregation in Aserrí really enjoyed their time with the group. God is good all the time. I am so glad He provided this opportunity for Emmaus Community to share life with us in Costa Rica once again.  Thank you for your prayers and support!

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