International Ministries

The Church and Ministry in China Grows in Leaps and Bounds

July 20, 2011 Journal
The Church and Ministry in China Grow Leaps and Bounds

Benjamin Chan

Becky my wife, and I are back in Hong Kong after our visit to Nanjing and Shanghai. We visited missionary Judy Sutterlin in her apartment at the new campus of Nanjing Union Theological Seminary. We also met with Dr. Yilu Chen, Executive Vice President and Dr. Manhong Lin, Academic Dean of the Seminary. We are excited to learn that the Seminary now has 280 students. The plan is to increase the number of students to 500. The Seminary is seeking partnerships to speed up faculty development, and they welcome short-term teachers from partner churches. We are also excited that the AIDS Orphan Support Program IM has started in partnership with the Amity Foundation has expanded to cover 86 orphans. Becky is responsible for the donor network with the Chinese churches. Lynette Miller handles the donor network based in Wisconsin. We are expecting the support to exceed 115 orphans with the commitment we already know. Judy is visiting the orphans in Henan with Amity and local staff during these two weeks.

Becky and I also attended the Mochou Road Church (????) in Nanjing. The Church holds two worship services each Saturday and three services each Sunday with attendance of 400-750 worshippers each. The senior pastor of the Church Rev. Lancheng Li and the team from International Ministries (including executive director Reid Trulson and me) visited the Amity projects in Yunnan together last November during the Amity’s 25th Anniversary.  Rev. Li welcomes American Baptists to visit the Church and exchange ministry experience.

Becky and I will join David and Kathy Wong to visit Swatow churches from July 22 to 25. David and I will be preaching in the morning and afternoon services of a few churches. We will also visit Mr. Si Fu Ji, the Director of the Shantou Administration of Religious Affairs. IM hosted Mr. Ji and two Swatow church leaders at Valley Forge last October. Mr. Ji is very supportive to the Swatow churches and hopes to send a choir to the US during the IM’s 200th Anniversary in 2014.