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Michigan Servants for Christ in Haiti

July 18, 2011 Journal
Michigan Servants for Christ
. . . represent six different churches.
. . . are old and young, untried and experienced, black and white,
 gregarious and shy, excited and apprehensive.
. . . have been called to serve in Cap Haitien, Haiti this upcoming July.
. . . are honored to be called servants.
. . .want to share our journey with you to bring Glory to Him.

Michigan Servants for Christ - Day 1 in Haiti by Lynne Punnett

The team agreed, this was the longest day of our lives. This is not bad, just a fact. Up at 3am, to be at Ft. Lauderdale Airport at 4am. Breakfast at the airport. Then a surprise sandwich on the 2.5 hour flight, which departed, mostly on time and we had, perhaps, the best flight attendant, ever. 

We were received at Cap-Haitien Airport by Pastor Joseph Voltaire, whose excellent reputation and relationship, allowed us to be whisked through immigration and customs, without even so much as a baggage check. Unbelievable! Observations from the pickup truck ride, to his home, where we are staying, is something that none of us will ever forget!! Weaving (flying) through traffic, wheelbarrows of slaughtered pigs for sale, people wanting “dlo” (water) and our utter amazement at what women are capable of carrying on their heads.

Upon arrival at Pastor’s home, which is fantastique, we immediately sat down to breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast and lemonade (which turned out to be orange juice) and anxiously awaited our work assignment. What?!?!? We are to rest today??? No!!! We came to work. Oh no, Pastor says, you must rest. This was very difficult, but, as the day went on, we napped and got to know each other better, prayed, journaled, and then listened as Pastor shared how he came to be here and how God provides every single thing we need, and even how his children got to go to university in the U.S.  And how our loving God provided for them in miraculous ways, so many times. Wonderful stories that I could not properly recount, if I tried! Just know that we were privileged to hear from this man, how God will supply our every need. Do not forget, God loves us so.

Another nap for some, followed by another meal. Yes, a wonderful lunch, more rest and fellowship, followed by another amazing meal prepared by Pastor’s wife, Yvrose, and the household helpers. Then we ended the first day, with devotions by Gary, and singing lead by Tom, with a borrowed guitar, from someone in the congregation. It was excellent. We noticed the children in the home, watching us sing through a crack in the door and with encouragement, they came to join us. This home is like a 5-star hotel. Other than when we’re driving through the streets of Cap-Haitien, I feel as if I’m in a resort with maids and butlers, and the best accommodations we could imagine. I am thankful to be sure, but, at the same time I wonder if the need is greater somewhere else. Answer=no. God placed us here for a reason, accept it, do not question His plan. Do what Pastor Voltaire says, and “rest” for now.

I do look forward to tomorrow, when we will go to De Croix, the ABC missionary camp at Labadie, that has been abandoned since the early 90’s, and is in need a roof repairs, and more. Yeah! We get to work, tomorrow, but, again, Pastor says it will be a brief workday. Mostly, an assessment day, tearing off an old, rusty sheet metal roof and determining the condition of the roof rafters and wood, and deciding what wood must be purchased and replaced. We learned that for less than $1000 more, a great deal more could be done at this Baptist camp, that will be used by youth and others, for retreat.

To close, we are all intensely aware of the need for water. The heat is intense, drenched shirts, constantly, dripping wet foreheads and necks, even if you’re right in front of a fan, but, the memory I have for that day, is that no matter how much water we drink, it is not the living water of Jesus, who loves us so much, that he took our sin upon the cross, so that our names could be written in Heaven.
Lynne Punnett

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