International Ministries

Praising God for possibilities

October 26, 2007 Journal
Dear Friends and Fellow Workers in the Lord, When the Father of a boy with an evil spirit approached Jesus for help he begged, ".If you can do anything, take pity on us and help us!" "'If you can'?" said Jesus. "Everything is possible for him who believes." Mark 9:22b-23. Then, after healing the boy, Jesus reminded his disciples that this could only happen by prayer. During September, in this island lifestyle, we have found ourselves surrounded by, not just the ocean in its beauty, but by waves of possibilities. The possibilities have seemed daunting at times, but, then we remember who makes the possible and seemingly impossible happen. Thanks to your prayers we are happy to report the following mixtures of possibilities and events. David is facing many new possibilities as a liaison between some English-speaking churches, Japanese churches, and the Okinawa Baptist Convention. Pray that questions over shared property responsibilities can be amicably resolved. turleyoct1.jpg turleyoct2.jpg We recently visited Hamagawa Baptist Church not too far from our home. We may be helping the pastor of the church in support ministry. The church is small (eight attendees at morning worship) but they have a lovely spirit. Also, the "possibility" of having to leave our newly arrived shipment from West Virginia in the Naha port warehouse during a three-day school camping event was averted when David was permitted to use the school truck to pick our personal effects the day before camp. Miraculously, customs officials accommodated our needs on that day for a speedy inspection clearance. The Okinawa Baptist Convention Annual Meeting on September 24th provided David the opportunity to greet everyone and offer an explanation and apology for the abruptness of our departure three years ago when we returned to West Virginia for family concerns. The statement was well received, and David feels accepted again among the convention leadership. A welcome-back celebration is being planned for the next bi-weekly prayer gathering on the 15th. Visiting the churches has led to other ministry possibilities, as well. Upon the invitation of a church pastor with whom David has worked before, he will begin teaching another English Bible study in November. A visit to one of the churches currently being supplied by an interim pastor, resulted in that church inviting David to help start a daughter church in a new location. In that one invitation, possibilities abound for ministry, and for trying a leadership development model David has been praying about. He plans to bring this information to the General Affairs committee of the convention for discussion and prayer. Leslie is finding and creating possibilities at Okinawa Christian School International (OCSI), where she is working long hours in a role she finds fulfilling yet at the same time a big challenge. Thankfully our God is helping her to meet that challenge. Please pray for the school and for the many activities. One such activity is an expected visit by the Governor of Okinawa on November 1st as the Okinawa government considers OCSI as a place for the children of the students and teachers at a proposed Marine Biology Study center. What possibilities for the growth of the Kingdom of God! Please pray for this upcoming visit and the myriad of possibilities and opportunities that can come from it. turleyoct3.jpg The secondary staff at OCSI with whom Leslie is privileged to work. With this "sea of possibilities" and all of the emotional waves that roll in with them, it would seem "impossible" to find the will of God in them. It is impossible with only human understanding. This is why your prayers and ours are needed. We are here amid this "sea" because of our partnership with you in seeking the Lord's will. We are grateful also for the monetary gifts that you have given that have placed us in these very real circumstances with real possibilities. Because it is October, the month that we American Baptists actively promote the World Mission Offering , Leslie and I want to express how especially grateful we are for your record of faithfulness in directed giving to that offering. When you have so directed your gifts for this ministry in Okinawa, all of those gifts have been applied to that purpose. Isn't our God marvelous?! So, let us not ask God, "If you can." but rather, " When you do this, how can I help?!" In Christ's Love David and Leslie Turley David, Leslie and Joanna Turley 1835 Zakimi Yomitan Okinawa 904-0301 JAPAN Phone: 81-98-958-3032