International Ministries

Pray for Carlos Bonilla and Mayra Giovanetti, assisting churches to minister to earthquake victims in Spain

June 7, 2011 PrayerCall
Carlos and Mayra, with their children, are in Spain alongside the churches of the Baptist Evangelical Union of Spain (UEBE) in their ministries to migrants, preparing curriculum materials, and training lay persons in the local churches. 

They write: The Emergency Relief Funds to support the reconstruction process for the families in Lorca after their earthquakes of May 11th is in the hands of the FBC of Lorca who will, as soon begin organizing the completion of the sanctuary’s basement that was not affected. The idea is to make it their meeting room and a place to organize the food and household items given to them to distribute to those in need as they are able. We must point out that after living as nomads (without a sanctuary) since 2006, they had been meeting at the Red Cross headquarters in Lorca that was crushed in the earthquakes. Therefore, they are now meeting at a neighbors’ house where they bring for each meeting plastic chairs, the pulpit, the Bible, the Communion set, and, the sound and music systems…

First-hand witness: FBC Lorca sanctuaryWe left for Lorca to see our UMMBE sisters we had met in previous occasions and meet people from the congregation in Lorca who are also affected by earthquakes. Abigail noticed the mood was improving and, despite the situation still being the same (for now), they are recovering the joy and good humor they are known for. It is impacting to see how aware they are that as a Church they are responsible to serve their neighbor and be a light in the midst of this disaster. It is inspiring to see how even when they are in the same or worse predicament as their neighbors in Lorca (each remodeling/reconstruction project is approximately US$28,600), the Church families are thinking of ways to respond to the communities’ needs. In fact, out of the distribution packages they prepared they have already helped several families that are not from the Church; this has been a witness to those who have received these gifts.

Pray for their children: Alberto (14), Carolina (11) and Daniela (6).