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June 2, 2011 Journal

Monday, May 30, 2011

In the jungle the mighty jungle the mono sleeps tonight...

This weekend on the Caribbean was a great time for relaxing, seeing monkeys (monos), and fellowship with friends that are also IM volunteer missionaries here in Costa Rica.  Hope, the other volunteer in the San José area, and I left San José to Cahuita on Friday to visit friends Jenn and Chris Savage. The Savages are also volunteer IM missionaries, they teach English and Science in Limón, but live in Cahuita. I guess you can say this weekend ended up to be a mini IM volunteer retreat. Time for catching up with one another and hearing about the different ministries we are involved and time of encouragement for one another.

The bus from San José was filled with North American college group, which made all the Costa Ricans and other tourist assume that Hope and I were apart of the group. It was a 4 hour bus ride over the mountain and through the banana plantations. The bus made one stop a long the way for a bathroom break. When we get to the store/restaurant to use the bathrooms I got to use some of my Spanish. One lady waiting in line looked at me and all the other Gringas by me and ask does anyone speak Spanish. Everyone was quiet so I spoke up and said yes, a little. She then asked me where we were in relation to Limón. I told her that we were 3 kilometers away, luckily I had just seen the highway sign right before we stopped. She then asked me where I was going. We were able to have a little conversation. I told her that I was going to visit some friends in Cahuita and asked her where she was going. Then we talked about the beaches. Thank you language school! My Spanish vocab is blossoming and conversations are happening little by little. While we were having the conversation I noticed all the other Gringa college students starring at us. Which is a great progress for me because that was me just a little bit ago! Thanks be to God that my Spanish is improving little by little!

We arrived in Cahuita around 6pm. Jenn and Chris met us at the bus station and we all walked together to their house that is in the middle of the jungle. The walk seemed harder than walking around in the Central Valley of San José. The humidity was little over whelming but nevertheless we made it to their house and were here surrounded by beautiful scenery and in the midst of God's beautiful creation.

Saturday morning I woke up by a howler monkey at 4 or 5am but managed to fall back asleep. After breakfast we were going to go snorkeling at near by beach but we missed the bus. Which was okay because we ended up going to the National Park in Cahuita. The park borders the beach. We had an awesome time swimming in the "green" zone by ourselves. A lot of the natives were swimming in the "red" zone which means caution rip tides. So we decided to make the smarter choice and swim where there weren't any rip tides. On our walk home through the park we saw 3 little Capuchin  monkeys. They were pretty far up in the trees but was able to zoom in on them a take a photo. After trying my best to try to capture their faces, I said, man I wish one was closer. I turned around and there one was.

On our walk home we stopped by Sondra and Manuel's house. Manuel is the Pastor of the Baptist church in Cahuita. During our visit with Sondra we found out that one of Chris and Jenn's friend Jan, a lady from the congregation, had a stroke on Thursday.  It was very heart breaking because Jenn and Chris were just at her home the day before the stoke and everything seemed fine. Please pray for Jan's healing and that she will continue to get better and be able to walk again.

Later that night we went out to dinner at Chris and Jenn's favorite pizza place. At that restaurant their is a movie playing every night for free. We sat on comfy couches in front of the screen and enjoyed our delicious pizzas and the movie. Jenn and Chris also taught us how to play Pinockel this weekend, so we spent the evenings playing intense rounds of Pinockel. 

Sunday morning I woke up and looked out the window and saw the branches moving which was a sign that the howling monkeys were out. I went out to the deck and just enjoyed watching them swing tree to tree. There were about 10 of them. One mama monkey had a little baby on her back, it was so cute. We went to church and when we came home the monkeys were even closer to the deck. As I was watching the monkeys a toucan landed on a branch by the monkeys, unfortunately, I wasn't able to get a good photo before it flew away. 

Now the mini vacation is over. Back to studying Spanish! I'm very thankful that Hope and I were able to make the trip to see Chris and Jenn and beautiful Cahuita. 

Prayer requests:

Please pray for Jenn and Chris and their ministry teaching the kids in Limón.

Pray for Hope and her English classes to the kids and even their parents in La Carpio.

Pray for a classmate of mine, Pat, she fell last month and broke/fractured her back. She is still re-cooperating from surgery and is in a re-hab. center. Hopefully she can continue her language study next trimester.

Thank you for helping make these experiences possible for me. 

Blessings,  Sarah

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