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Discovering our gifts in mission

September 4, 2007 Journal
Dear Friends that love Christ and his word, For me it is always a blessing to share updates of the work that we are doing at the retaining wall in El Salvador. We had the honor of receiving two groups very close to each other. On July 21, the Discovery Team left El Salvador after a hard week of learning about mission Baptist work and the realities of life in El Salvador. Soon after, a group from Waverly, IL., led by Dale Philips, came on July 31 and returned to the U.S. on Aug. 14. Group of July 31, 2007 492.jpg Each group did excellent work and engaged with the mission here. The good news is the wall will be finished soon. The workers are in the last line of rocks. Alleluia! That is great! We are starting reforestation in the area with kids from Galilee Baptist School. The bunker that was full of trash was cleaned and the kids planted roses there. We hope those flowers will bloom where they are planted. Group of July 31, 2007 035.jpg I will travel to Puerto Rico and Rhode Island during month of September to share the mission work in El Salvador. Please invite us to speak at your church. I would love to give to you the amazing stories of what we have received from the Lord in mission in El Salvador! With the big project of the wall almost finished, the focus is to build the different parts of the peace park, and work in more of an evangelistic way with the community. The group that came from Waverly understood the necessity to do more community relations with the people there. We never imagine when we are working hard that people can discover the gifts that God has put in our hearts. But that is the testimony of a young person -- Brandon Rhea -- who discovered his call in during a mission trip here. He was the speaker in different moments, and he helped us to see how God can use anyone for God's glory. In Christ, Magda Aguirre Rvd. Dr. Magda Aguirre Missionary El Salvador