International Ministries

Mexico Medical Mission Team of Cartersville, Georgia

April 11, 2011 Journal

    In March, Dr. Richard Young of Heritage Baptist Church, Cartersville, GA and his team of five including Michael Tutterow, pastor of Heritage Baptist Church served in villages in the mountains around Chiapas.  Carlos Fray, a doctor from Pueblo, Mexico also served with them.  Traveling was hard as they drove into the mountains over roads partially washed out and partially covered by landslides from the rains since September.  However, the team managed to treat a total of 190 patients in four days and has plans for another trip in September, 2011.

 After the group encountered a few delays, Chuck Shawver drove them up the mountains to San Cristobal de las Casas from Tuxtla.  The following day on Sunday, they started for the village of Alta Gracias and treated 43  patients with various complaints then left at 5:30 pm for a 3 ½ drive to Aurora Escipulus on Monday.  Sleep was interrupted by dogs barking all night but got up at 6 AM to see 39 patients.  Left Aurora at 4 pm for a 4 ½ hour drive back to San Cristobal then had a rest day in San Cristobal on Tuesday.  On Wednesday, they were up early on the road to Zapata which was a long hard 5 hour journey into the mountains.  They got there at 11:30 am, saw 55 patients that day and attended a lengthy church service after dinner.  Pastor Michael preached at the service and the team sang ‘Amazing Grace’.  The dogs here also were barking and fighting all night and the rooster started crowing at 3 am.   Thursday morning, they  got up early for a short drive to Tsajala where they treated 53 patients.  They left Tsajala at 3:30 pm for a 4 ½ hour drive back to San Cristobal. 

Shortly after they left Tsajala, the team had a brief encounter with Zapatista rebels with black ski masks and rifles but got away safely.  About an hour after, they drove through a monsoon rainstorm and hail for 30 minutes.  They got safely back in San Cristobal at 8 pm where the 403rd anniversary of the founding of San Cristobal was celebrated long into the night.  Friday was a day for rest, sightseeing and relaxation in San Cristobal and they headed home on Saturday and were back in Cartersville by 7 pm.        

Chuck Shawver, local missionary said the medical treatment and the fact they came, their presence, spoke volumes.   

Pastor Mike Tutterow observed that the people came, waited patiently and quietly to be treated for minor complaints and a touch of compassion.  The people shared what they had and welcomed them warmly into their lives.  He felt the reward of having received from the people as much as he had given to the people of Mexico, that when he returns home, he would be unable to forget the people and their generosity.