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Gordon’s back! Wednesday, April 6, 2011

April 5, 2011 Journal
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Thank you so much for your prayers! Gordon made it back home last night after 1:30 am. Pastor Tanno was kind enough to drive Gordon home!

Gordon was more excited than depressed about what he experienced. There were stories of God's hand saving people. Two bus drivers were on their way to take kindergarten students home when the earthquake hit. They turned around(!) and went back to the church/kindergarten which is situated on a hill. All were saved. Perhaps turning around seems logical to you, but for Japanese people who always follow the "rules", this is a miracle.

He was impressed by God's comfort and healing in the midst of the stress. One pastor in particular was feeling isolated and unsupported in the work he was doing. Gordon witnessed a visible change when God restored unity in the relationships between brothers in Christ.

Gordon saw how much little things meant to the people. Small boxes of fresh and canned food, bleach and plastic wrap were received with great appreciation. Tanno-sensei suggested that people would be blessed with small boxes of supplies sent via "takyubin", the Japanese personal delivery service.

Please pray for Gordon and all the technical stuff. He is trying to send the video to IM for editing as we don't have editing software. He is running into some problems. Pray for a swift solution!

While the situation is improving--there is gas available, food is coming, electricity is being restored, the highway is open and passable at high speeds--there is so much need. The next kind of help needed is clean up. This could go on for some time. The strategy is to clean up habitable houses so people can move out of the evacuation centers. Gordon said some houses have many inches of dirt covering the floors that must be removed. The garbage service comes around to pick up the bags of dirt people put out!

Another praise is that Gordon was able to talk with our friend Tomoki. He is helping in the city of Miyako where he lives. He said the situation has improved to the point that the city of Miyako can now accept volunteers to aid in the clean up. Tomoki was describing the need for people to help move large objects that had been deposited by the tsunami and well as shovel dirt.

If you are interested in helping, there are many ways to give financially. One way is through International Ministries. They have a button for Japan relief.
If you are interested in volunteering, let us know.

Long after Japan is no longer in the news, the Japanese people will be rebuilding their lives. There are thousands who are hungry for the hope that Christ gives. Please pray that they will hear the message and that they will put their trust, not in themselves and their own strength, but in Christ who invites them to invest in the eternal.

much love,

Lee Ann

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