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God’s Mysterious Ways

April 4, 2011 Journal
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God's Mysterious Ways

I grew up reading Guideposts Magazine.  One of the articles that I always turned to first was “God’s Mysterious Ways.”  These were short stories about the unexpected and often miraculous ways God intervenes in our lives.  Here are three short examples of how we have experienced the providence of God in the last several weeks.

The Gift of Music Crosses 2 Borders

In the fall of 2009, while we were on our year of U.S. assignment, we met Canadian Singer/Songwriter Elizabeth Deveau at the First Baptist Church of Littleton, MA.  She was performing several Christian concerts in the area.  We invited her to come to Mexico.  And in March 2011 she took us up on our offer!  She and her husband Terry came to Southern Baja on vacation, and volunteered to share their music ministry.  Elizabeth shared her testimony and music with Crossroads Christian Fellowship in worship on Sunday, March 27, and then also led a one-day women’s retreat on Tuesday, March 29.  Seventeen women were able to attend the retreat (Mexican, American & Canadian).  Next door to the home where we held the retreat was a construction team building a house.  The next day they asked the owner of the house, “What was happening over there?  We heard the most beautiful music and it filled us with the most incredible peace!”  From Nova Scotia, Canada, to Littleton, MA, to La Paz, Mexico.  Who would have connected those dots?  Only God!

Modeling Jesus

Melanie is a cruiser who sailed to La Paz with her husband about a month ago.  She attended several of the women’s Bible studies at Crossroads.  One afternoon, in the Marina, she ran across two young men who were collecting donations for a drug rehab.  Rafael and Danny also spoke some English.  So Melanie began to ask them about their journey, and also told them she’d pray for them.  She had picked up an invitation card from Crossroads with our email address on it, and she gave it to the young men hoping they’d come to church.  Two days later we received an email from Danny’s parents who live in Cabo San Lucas.  They were thrilled to know that their son had made contact with a Christian community and hoped that we could reach out to their son.  So far, he has yet to visit.  But we know that in God’s timing, it will happen.  And God brought peace to his parent’s hearts through the love of a woman who sailed from CA to La Paz and was an example of God’s Love.  You never know when you will touch a life with Jesus!

Let the Little Children Come to Me in Flip-Flops

Ciudad de Los Niños is a not-for-profit children’s home in La Paz.  Some of the children are orphans, but most of them have families who can’t afford to care for them, so they bring them to this home.  One little girl was dropped off by her mother 5 years ago and has not seen her since.  To provide for these 45 children, the priest who runs the facility looks to other organizations & churches in town for donations.  Crossroads has been supporting this ministry to children for one year with $100 a month.  Recently a group from Crossroads went and toured the home, and discovered some very specific needs of the children.  One item was flip-flops for the shower. 

Mimi, a Mexican member of Crossroads who also donates time to the orphanage, went on a hunt for flip-flops last week.  A two-hour search one afternoon only resulted in finding some for 100 pesos a pair (about $8).  So she came home and prayed, “God, I leave this in your hands!”  The next morning another woman from Crossroads, Carolyn, called Mimi excitedly.  “I just found flip-flops at Ley and they’re marked down to 12 pesos (about $1 a pair).  Mimi said, “I had a full schedule that day, but set aside my agenda for God’s.  It was a payday in La Paz and I wasn’t about to let those flip-flops disappear!”  She picked up Carolyn and they went to Ley.  They found the aisle with all the flip-flops, got out their list with all the sizes, and began throwing flip-flops into their cart, checking off their list as they went along.  Mimi says, “It was amazing!  We not only found every size we needed, but also in the appropriate colors—blue if it was for a boy or pink for a girl.  It had to be a God-thing!”  Then they went to the check-out and discovered another surprise:  the flip-flops were discounted even more . . . now they were only about 10 pesos a pair!  

The 2 women then drove the flip-flops over to Ciudad de Los Niños.  The priest and some of the girls came out to the car.  Mimi told them, “I have a surprise for you.  No, God has a surprise for you!”  And she opened her trunk, and showed them all the flip-flops.  The priest was stunned.  The girls began jumping up and down.  “Is my size there?  Oh, they’re brand new too!”  The joy of giving ended with lots of hugs on all sides.

If God cares that 45 children in La Paz get new flip-flops, then don’t you think He cares about the needs of your heart too?

Be surprised by God-connections this week.  God does indeed work in mysterious ways!

David & Joyce

P.S.  Aaron is off crutches!  His foot still has one small spot that needs to heal over.  So keep those prayers coming!