International Ministries

Giving Thanks for a Great Group

July 26, 2007 Journal
Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior. A group of twelve persons from 8 states of our ABC churches visited El Salvador from July-21. The group was lead by Rev. John Grisham. I observed a great mission group united to learn and available to help in different areas plus a desire to be involved in the Salvadorian culture. Each one of them was so respectful to one and other. The logistics were good. No problems of sickness or problem with their stomachs. The group did the devotional period and reflections around the experiences for learning more about their selves as volunteers in mission and the culture that received them. The house was almost finished at the time for the rainy season to be over us. The family was so thankful for the blessing of their house. The father is the pastor of the mission field at el Puente Cuscatlan. He was so happy to receive it. The key word of the family was all are the answers of their prayers. That was amazing words for the group. For that reason the group worked at the retaining wall at the peace park in el Puente Cuscatlan. They did wonderful work there. I give thanks to BIM and FEBES for the decision made of the construction of the reign of God helping one Salvadorian family to have a dignity house and build up the space for peace in el Puente Cuscatlan. Magda Aguirre Rvd. Dr. Magda Aguirre Missionary El Salvador