International Ministries

Spiritual Battles Raging

July 25, 2007 Journal

A lot of things are going on in Congo with the work at Lusekele. There is great potential to impact Bandundu region for Christ through the agricultural and literacy/ women's programs and the credibility, which comes with years of dedicated sacrificial work. There is a tremendous spiritual battle raging as those who practice witchcraft work their powers of evil to discredit God's work. It is nearly impossible to give you an accurate picture in five or six short prayer paragraphs/sentences.

An affordable pump (appropriate pump for Lusekele's needs) still
has not arrived at Lusekele after a year (almost two) of effort to find one and get it delivered. It is now dry season. It is needed.
* Pray that necessary contact can be made to bring this endeavor to a rapid conclusion.

In many villages the manioc mosaic has devastated the main staple
crop in most areas. Eight thousand eight hundred families in 87 villages have received disease resistant varieties. In one area local leaders accused successful people of witchcraft. A trial by poison was done and six people including an extension agent died. Village tradition says failure, in this case bad crops, results from not doing things the way the ancestors did it.
* Pray that villagers will see that God is more powerful than the ancestors and witchcraft and their hearts will be transformed into the heart of Christ.

Lusekele has unexpectedly been asked to participate in a round table in August to find solutions (and implement them) to agricultural problems in Bandundu region. They are there as a player with valuable experience and insight gained through years of patient sacrificial work.
* Pray that Christian leaders from Lusekele, with the help of the Holy Spirit, will have the opportunity to influence regional policy and the focus of international aid to agriculture in the region.

Miriam has introduced Moringa and Neem trees to Vanga area women as
solutions to certain nutritional and medical problems. Fifteen thousand palm seeds are to be distributed in September.
* Pray that the local populations will have a more abundant life both physically and spiritually as they adopt new practices even when the culture says that they should follow traditional ways.

Pastor Mozart Mulama came to Vanga less than a year ago following a
pastor that left the church in disarray. In this area the fear of witchcraft and evil spirits are common. The tensions are separating believers and discouraging everyone.
* Pray that Pastor Mozart and others can calm the situation, confront the hysterical fear of witchcraft and get people to focus on our security in God's hands.

Many Congolese Christians have a very basic understanding of what it means to be in Christ.
* Pray that they will develop an understanding that will enable them to claim Christ's power over evil/Satan.