International Ministries

Volunteer Update for Japan

March 24, 2011 Journal
Oh, waiting can be sooo hard!  Generous folks have called and emailed offering their time and talents to serve the people of Japan.  We appreciate you and your heart to serve.  We are in contact daily with our missionaries in Japan as we continue to receive updates about the situation in the north and around Japan. 

We see in the news and through the reporting of the missionaries that there is such great need.  John and Tomoko Armagost's journal tells a great story about how American funds and Japanese churches are responding. The Japan Baptist Union (JBU) has developed an English website so that English speakers around the world be continually updated with news. Thank you Gordon and Lee Ann Hwang and Roberta Stephens!  Even in Okinawa, David and Leslie Turley support efforts and grieve with the world. 

We are all eager to help Your missionaries and International Ministries staff who are working with the Japan Baptist Union to address the whole situation beginning with how to provide and transport the basic needs to survive.  Right now, the Japanese can’t turn attention to volunteers from overseas until there is a way to sustain them with water, gas, electricity, toilets.  Your continued donations are needed to assist the JBU in providing the basics for families who have lost everything.  Your time and talents will be needed in the future as needs are determined, priorities sorted out, and strategies are made.

If you have a heart for serving in Japan , please call or email us.  We'd love to know your gifts and talents so that we will be able to place you accordingly.  Service opportunities in Japan may not necessarily be the traditional construction and medical variety so if you are feeling called to serve, contact us, please!

To read additional journals, prayer requests, news updates and  how to give to Japan relief, click here.

To contact the volunteer group call 800-222-3872 ext 2366 or email us at

To read additional journals, prayer requests, news updates and how to give to Japan relief, click here.