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Voldemort is back!

July 15, 2007 Journal
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When we the Xtreme Team were getting ready to go out today, we were told to prepare for the emotionally and physically hardest day of our lives. The morning was relatively easy, probably to prepare us for all of the stress and anxiety to come. We had breakfast at Ray's and headed out to the Centro Cultural of Tijuana, where we learned about the history of Baja California: the beaches, natives, invasion, missions, wars, casinos, etc. Before I go on, I should say that despite everything that Ray (our XTRACTOR) said, this was not the physically hardest day we have been through on the Xtreme Team. But the event we went to after the museum was so painful that Sarah started crying uncontrollably. That's right, my friends, today Sarah, Chris (our XCITEM) and I went to see Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Any of you who are familiar with the story should know why Sarah and I are in a grieving period right now. Okay, so with all of the situations we've seen in Mexico, this one was not the worst or the saddest. But this journal is dedicated to people like Harry,  people who are alone and frustrated and persecuted and have to deal with giant half-brothers and murderous centaurs on top of everything else.