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A Prayer Poem

March 6, 2011 Journal
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Prayer Is ...

    Prayer is like breathing.
If you exhale your heart, you can inhale God’s heart.
    Prayer is like playing catch.
If you speak your own words, God will certainly return the answer.
    Prayer is like doing the laundry.
If you leave your unclean heart, it will surely come back clean.
    Prayer is like counseling.
Dark and difficult situation will someday turn into hope.
    Prayer is like training.
Start with warming up, finish with a cool down.
    This is why prayer is fruitful.

   -- by Sayoko Asada  (translated by the Shalom Fellowship members)

Faith Shared

The poem on prayer was written by Sayoko Asada. She is a member of Shin Ai (God’s Love) Baptist Church where we lead a Bible fellowship time called “Shalom Fellowship”.  Sayoko has cerebral palsy, so many simple tasks, like speaking and walking, which most of us take for granted, are a challenge.  However, her faith is evident, not only in the poems she writes, but also in her joyful, effervescent personality, which she also shares openly. Of course some of the rhythm and rhyme is lost in the translation, but we can still catch the beauty of her faith.
A few updates.  We have gotten lots of emails from Nao as she studies in The Philippines. She leaves for Cambodia soon.  Yuichiro Hira had a serious family emergency, and had to cancel his plan to spend spring break as a mission volunteer. He hopes to be able to go in the future.  Pastor Takahashi of the Nishi Okamoto Church is taking a 6-week study break, so we are filling in for him at the church on Sundays and during the week. Our schedule load has increased quite a bit till the end of March.  Keep us in your prayers.

Prayer Points

• Pray for Nao as she volunteers in Cambodia.
• Pray for Yuichiro’s grandmother.
• Pray for Pastor Takahashi as he takes a short sabbatical to study.
• Pray for us, as our schedule is full for the next month!!

Praise for you, and each one who has committed to partner with us and the Lord in sharing the Gospel in Japan. Your gifts of support bless us.
Grace and Peace,

John and Tomoko

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