International Ministries

Money for a Great Cause

September 30, 2001 Journal

If I came to your church or was with you at a conference during my home assignment last year, you know that I sold beautiful Lahu vests along the way. People purchased more than 900 vests from me, and through Lisa Simmons in West Virginia. The money we raised went to help the Lahu Baptist Women fund their Jubilee 2000 Celebration, marking the 25th anniversary of their organization. And what a Celebration! In mid-October, more than 1300 women gathered in Goshen village for three memorable days, praising God, worshipping, singing (and MORE singing!), attending workshops, fellowshipping and generally having fun! So thank-you to all of you who bought the vests; the Lahu women were able to fully pay for the conference — and even have some money left over to use for their outreach programs! Praise God!