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So glad we weren’t invited to dinner!

February 10, 2011 Journal
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Dear Partners in ministry,
 We have been enjoying a mild winter while our friends in Queensland and Victoria, in Australia, have been experiencing awful flooding and destruction.  Our thoughts and prayers are with them as they dry out and try to make sense of it all.
Hands on
Teams—We have had some good times with teams over the last few weeks. English camps, farming, language lessons, weird food, and visits with the neighbors have been the name of the game while we have tried to expand their world view and their God view.  We have also used the teams to share the love of Jesus with students, friends and neighbors.  The extra energy they provide is good, and our community appreciated their input. 
Taking over
Inn continues to impress us as she grows to be a leader here.  Last week we were working together on teaching the story of the miraculous catch of fish.  Inn said that it was similar to one of the soap operas that comes on Thai TV, and we discussed the story and the moral behind it.  She used it as an introduction to the lesson, and since it was a show everyone knew, it grabbed their attention immediately.  At the end it led to Jesus on the cross and added new meaning to the Thai story, so it will surely help people remember it.
So glad we weren’t invited to dinner!
When I went to Yot and Bua Gao’s house the other day, he quickly showed me a large beetle along with a round ball of dirt about the size of a baseball.  He said that the beetle had made the ball out of buffalo dung.  Inside were the young of this beetle, and they were destined to be dinner for him and his wife.  Yot was glad to have a free protein source for a meal, and I was glad that God provides all sorts of ways to give each of us our daily bread.

May you know the peace that passes all understanding in your situation.

Together for His Kingdom,
Jan and Larry
Prayer and Praise:
• Praise God for the teams that came to share their time and energy to help in the work here.
• Praise God that the teams were able to share something of their experience with Jesus with the students.
• Pray that our students will want to know more about a relationship with Jesus.
• Pray for the flood, cyclone, and fire damage victims in Australia and for all the people who are cleaning up.
Upcoming events:
• February 11-16  Team Retreat—Teaching on spiritual formation and discussions on methods and materials in Gospel sharing
• February 21-28  We will have Yindee and Zoe and their teacher, Stan, with us while their parents take their baby sister Libi to Bangkok for reconstructive surgery on her lip and nose.


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