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January 17, 2011 Journal
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"In the service of the Lord, work not half-heartedly but with conscientiousness and an eager spirit....look for opportunities to be hospitable."  (Romans 12:11-13)

"How can we help?"  It's what people like Dave and Carol and Chris and Jennifer keep saying.  It's the attitude of the work group from Illinois.  They move rock and sand in Alajuelita for the new church building.  They make do with tools that are different than what they're used to.  They cook and do dishes.  They try out their Spanish and they eat foods that are new to them.   Best of all, they do all of this without whining.

The home in which we live allows us to host volunteers for a few days or a few months and so far 2011 is the year of the volunteer.   Dave and Carol and the work team are a gift from The Great Rivers Region, a region that has partnered with the Costa Rican Baptists.    For the people of the Alajuelita Church and their pastor (Olman Gonzales) it's like having an army of dust covered angels show up at just the right time. 

Jenn and Chris are a gift from Oregon.  They've been here just over a week and seem right at home.  They are young hip newlyweds who felt led by Christ to set aside this chapter of their lives to serve in another culture.  (You can follow their adventures at "").

Tomorrow we pick up Dr. Steve Walker, recently retired from Fresno State University in CA who has visited and worked here a few times and has decided to learn more Spanish through immersion and serve alongside of us for a couple of months.

As we start a new year of ministry in Costa Rica these volunteers are a breath of fresh air for us and a huge blessing to the people of Costa Rica.  Please pray for them and for volunteers serving around the world.  

Thanks for your faithful prayers and financial support that make our ministry possible. 

Feliz Año Nuevo,

Gary and Mylinda Baits