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Christmas Greetings from Mexico City

December 26, 2010 Journal
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Dear Friends,                                          December 26, 2010

Christmas day 2010 has come and gone.  We ought to be humbled by the glorious simplicity of the event that changed everything.  A story for  children rich in earthy details.  A stable full of animals, shepherds and sheep, angels singing, kings and maybe camels, gifts, and of course, a baby. 

We live in a world that appears sophisticated and complex; overwhelming problems and conflicts, a frightening race to an uncertain future.  

We who believe the story are called to live its simple formula and bear witness to its timeless veracity.  What, for many,  is  foolishness is for others a call to loving service against all odds.   A Word from the Creator to the creation seems too simple to have a chance.  

Christmas comes a week before the New Year.  It is something to think about as we plan for the future.  A reminder of who we are, what we have received and what our priorities ought to be.   Ramona and I are grateful to God for the privilege of service and grateful to you for making Mexico and our ministry here a priority in 2010.

We pray that 2011 will bring you peace and joy.    May you receive the kingdom as a child in 2011.

Ramona & Chuck