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Igniting a Passion for Mission in This Blessed Season

December 18, 2010 Journal
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Several weeks ago we attended a local non-denominational church near our home in Zambia.  This church is truly international, with worshippers not only from here in Zambia, near-by Zimbabwe, and far away United States and Mexico, but also from many other African as well as South American and European countries.

The worship and praise at this international church helps us to spiritually refill!  The preaching is great, the people are warm and friendly, and we feel welcomed.  We attend this church when not ministering or preaching elsewhere among our many Baptist Convention of Zambia partner churches.

One family in this church was being prayed for on this particular day.  This family felt a calling to serve God in a foreign country; they were being commissioned by this local church and were being sent out to Kosovo as missionaries.  That was an exciting day!

That day was all the more meaningful to us because we were reminded of the day we were commissioned as American Baptist Churches International Ministries Missionaries in 1997.  Many of you prayed for us at that sending time.  More blessed is that you continue to pray for us, you supported us financially for the past 15 years, you sent us birthday cards, letters and e-mails that encourage us and strengthen while we are away from our children, family and friends in the US.

As we reflect on these things, we’ve now come to the end of a very exciting year in Zambia.  Through your support we have laid a solid foundation for over 100 children who now have a school to go to everyday and learn.  Through the power of education, the WellSpring of Faith and Hope Community School volunteer teachers help the children get a better understanding of the world and how they can contribute to their community and their country.

Also, with your help, we are carrying out Adult Literacy in two different compounds (peri-urban informal areas) illuminating God’s Word through literacy and giving women who live there, tools to use that will change their and their children’s lives.
Another aspect of ministry that is our passion is Theological Training for pastors who want to learn more about the bible and teach their congregations in places we could not reach as they preach and pray in languages that would take us a lifetime to learn.

As we enter this most exciting of seasons, Christmas, when we celebrate the birth of Christ, we are reminded that Christ came into the world so we would know of God’s great love.  God wants His people to be knowledgeable, of His word and of this world.  We are excited by what God is doing in Zambia and we thank you, so much, for your giving and continued support to this ministry.

Yes, many exciting things are happening and one of the most exciting is your partnership, we pray you continue to have a passion for mission!!

From our family to yours!

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