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Baptist Women Day of Prayer

November 29, 2010 Journal
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Dear Friends,

Peace and Christmas blessings to all and to each and every one of you.

The year 2010 started with a tragedy and it ends with another tragedy: The devastating earthquake, followed by hurricane Tomas, and now it is cholera. Each event affects the country in its own way. The cholera disease has brought fear that has invaded our hearts and our minds. 

In spite the broken hearts, Haitian women are still committed to the Lord. They say nothing will separate them from God,... and continue the  activities in their churches. 

In October we had a grieving service with women in Port-au-Prince. 

In November women celebrated the Baptist Women’s Day of Prayer (DOP).  

In the Baptist church of Haut-Limbe, over 80 women, some men and children gathered for that event.  Madame Dessaline, a women board member whose husband died in the earthquake, encouraged us all saying we all have problems. We Haitians are not the only ones to have problems. Problems are all over and each person needs to learn how to bear his/her cross. There is no need to blame God for our failures. 

She continued saying that we are all sinners and we need to continue our journey with Jesus, commit ourselves to God, obey His word and do His will so we can become like Jesus. As Christians, ours suffering should make us strong and faithful”. This means, we have decided to follow Jesus, no turning back. 

It was a big day when we prayed for one another and for our sisters around the World. We are blessed to know that so many sisters and brothers all over the World are praying for us.

 We appreciate your prayers as we are struggling to fight the cholera epidemic.

 For the women in Haiti,

Rev. Kihomi Ngwemi

 Dear supporters,

Kihomi is correct about the year Haiti has had.  Now rioting over the election has started in the some cities.  It seems to never end.  However we know that God has not forgotten them and hears their cries.  As we go into our holiday season and gather with friends and family let us be aware of our blessings and redouble our efforts share our resources with those with so little.  If your church is doing their budgeting for 2011 please remember Kihomi’s and Nzunga’s ministry. 

Dennis Shewell

MPT Convener