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An Answered Prayer?

July 6, 2007 Journal
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We started the last Xposure of the night with a journey through public transportation from the subway, to the tram, to a bus (we almost took every form of public transportation) to get to our destination. Finally we arrived at our destination. We are soon told that we have only completed the first part of the Xposure, so off we went to eat dinner with Lauren Bethel (an ABC Global Consultant)! This name did not have much meaning when we first heard it, but in less than three hours I grew a tremendous respect for this woman and the ministry that she is doing. Lauren Bethel has lived the major part of her adult life abroad. The ministry Lauren is working with is helping women trapped in prostitution and human trafficking. When she first came to Prague she was asked if she could help with this dilemma. Lauren and a group of students from the seminary (International Baptist Theological Seminary in Prague) prayed every chance they had together about a way to help with this need. They prayed a number of times and finally decided what had to be done was to go where the problem is, the street. Lauren got together a group of about 17 seminary students and went to the streets. The group of students and Lauren would pray before they left, while they ate, and before starting to walk. As they walked and listened to the women they came to find out that prayer was what they felt they needed most. So at 9:30 pm we went to the streets and started walking and walked all the way to around and a little past Wenceslas Square. We passed by what use to be the very popular place where every person who wanted these services came. We found nobody. So we started walking back about 1 block from where we started. Lauren recognized a young lady, she went up to her and was overly excited to see her. As we found out this lady had left the Czech Republic to go back to Bulgaria and travel. She had been gone for two years and was not back on the streets. As Lauren said good-bye one of the ladies that was standing with the women that Lauren knew had wandered down the street. I observed with Adam as she attracted a client, noting that Adam had seen the same thing and then he said, “What can we do, only pray.” I don’t know what happened after we left, I don’t know if this man just went about his business or if their was a money exchange, but people these things are happening all over the world all of the time. It is so easy to just look right through these situations or play them off as people just talking on the streets. We need to open our eyes and our hearts to these women. Mostly these women are doing this because they have no other meanst to support their families. If you are asking yourself what can I do to help, you can pray. Pray that these women find a different way to provide for their families, pray that they do not have to live another day working the street, and pray for their safety. Please take time to pray for these women because prayer works. Lauren and her ministry have seen a lot of women go home of get other jobs and are no longer working of the streets, because of prayer. A note from the X-Pad: The team woke up this morning with a beautiful view of the Karlstein castle. After a quick tour they headed on to visit a church that started as a cave in the mountains. They then returned to Prague to visit the Bethel Chapel for Jan Hus day, a Czech national holiday, where they also attended a service for this Czech reformist. During this service they had the chance to hear the ex-prime minister of the Czech Republic speak. In the evening not only did they have the chance to walk with Lauren Bethel but also some past and present students from the seminary that have continued with Lauren’s ministry in Prague.