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July 6, 2007 Journal
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This morning I finally turned nineteen. The day didn't turn out as my birthdays usually go, however. For one thing, instead of getting up early and opening presents and all of that fun stuff, I tried to get a few hours of sleep on a seven hour bus ride to Guadalajara (Thankfully, Sarah was asleep at midnight, so she couldn't wake me up to sing Happy Birthday). Today just happened to be one of those days when you have to rely on the grace of God, because most everything else falls through. The point of taking the bus, when a plane from Mexico City would have done just as well, is that migrants from all over Mexico will take buses, sometimes for months, to get to where they can find more work. Now many of you reading this are probably thinking that we can have no idea what these people go through. After all at the end of the day, we're still Americans, and we still have money enough to pay for what we need. Which is why at the bus terminal this morning, in order to add to the Xperience and chaos, Ray (our XTRACTOR) conveniently misplaced his wallet. Ok, so Ray isn't that crafty, and we spent about two hours at the bus terminal looking for the wallet that he really did lose. After that, the team got an X-file hinting that we were going to go meet a chaplain of some sort. Thankfully, we had enough money to take taxis to the Mexico American Hospital, where Ray's wife Adalia teaches a class about once a year. The plan was that we were going to go house visiting with the chaplains, but instead the head chaplain, David, took us around Guadalajara for a little while. We got to see the beautiful city square with its old buildings and cobblestone streets. Afterwards when we got back to the hospital, the sick Xtreme Teamers got check-ups and got loaded down with more drugs to take. Another benefit of being at the hospital was the party they were having that afternoon (never turn down free food). By the time we were ready to leave, we got an X-file telling us that we would go up, up, up in order to find the place of Peace, for a short stay. This puzzled us a bit until Sarah realized that we were headed to La Paz. After a two-hour delay (each of us now has the name of one of the seven dwarfs, by popular vote), and about an hour flight, we arrived in La Paz. The plane we were on was headed next to Tijuana, and we weren't sure which we were getting off at. Ray didn't exactly help with all his fake-outs, either. When we arrived at La Paz, we were met by the only two American Baptist missionaries in this part of Mexico, David and Joyce Reid. They took us to Buena Casa, a retreat-like place where they live at the moment. After seeing the pool, the kayaks, the hot showers, and the beds, all four of us are pretty sure that we want to become missionaries. And after all of the stress and sleep deprivation and travel and other crazy stuff that went on today, I finally got my birthday cake.