International Ministries

God Giving Us Possibilities in the Darkness

July 6, 2007 Journal
My friends in Christ, It is always an honor to share with you the updates of the work at the retaining wall project. This time I have a testimony of love and perseverance. We had the honor to celebrate under the peace tree at Peace Park the first multicultural wedding that we have had in El Puente. A group of six people came from Underwood Baptist Church of Wisconsin to help us at the wall during the week of June 16-23, 2007. . From an unusual petition, the pastor from Underwood Memorial Baptist asked me if I would celebrate her wedding at the park. That was unusual but the best is that her groom is a beautiful man from Nigeria and architect that she met around eight years ago! That was a feast! The community was there. The preparation was so beautiful and the rains came to bless this spectacular and unique couple. The women of the co-op did all the work with details. The rented car’s alarm was activated in Jucuapa and the driver didn't know how to deactivate it and the cake was in there so there were difficulties but happy experiences. The children, students at the school, all were on the porch because the water came down abundantly to bless this special couple. We received the good news from the pastor, Jamie Washam, that she is in contact with a man that is vice president of a playground company and he is interested in the area for the kids. Do you see the mercy of God giving us possibilities in the darkness? The groom as an architect gave us ideas that we now can put in action. I traveled to Washington, DC to be at the Biennial and then visit our friends in Illinois that have a special engagement in this dream of us all. We are running out of funds so we stopped and will start again later when God blesses us economically again. This group brought blood sugar testers and gave one to the master of construction. This proved to him his blood sugar is at a very high level. He gave thanks to God that this helped him to be clearer about his condition of diabetes. I will receive a group to build up the house of lay pastor of El Puente in El Triunfo. A Discovery Team will come July 13 to 21st to help at the retaining wall and at the end of July Dale Phillips with other brothers and sisters will be again here at El Puente. Samuel the translator who came to us from Canada will be with us to help again with his interest and enthusiasm Rvd. Dr. Magda Aguirre Missionary El Salvador