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Burritos, Bacteria, and Blessings

November 7, 2010 Journal
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The Burrito

This last week in La Paz a group of people attempted to set a record for the world’s longest burrito.  They planned to make one tortilla roughly 16 inches wide and 2,700 meters or 8,885 feet long.  That’s 1.67 miles!  They mounted a custom made tortilla machine onto the back of a truck.  The truck advanced slowly as the cooked tortilla came out of the machine and helpers slid tables underneath catching the hot tortilla.  The filling was 3 tons of Tuna, 1.75 tons of onions, 1.75 tons of green peppers, and 1000 pounds of beans.  Added all together it comes up to seven and one half tons of burrito plus the tortilla.  There were 54 restaurants involved in the preparation and filling and it took 3000 people for the final rolling into the world’s longest burrito.  Everything went as planned and La Paz now holds the new world record.  After all that, it was reported that the record breaking burrito was cut into 27,000 pieces of community feasting.

The Bacteria

At the same time the burrito was being constructed, our son Aaron was in the hospital with a necrotic or flesh eating bacterial infection attacking his foot.  We thank God there were no records set in this arena!  He had been stung by a sting ray a week earlier and the wound had become infected with the nasty bacteria.  It seemed ironic as I sat in the hospital.  There I was watching the news about a 1.67 mile long burrito while Aaron was being given IV antibiotics to stop a bacteria from literally eating his foot.  

One feeding was life giving and the other life consuming

The Blessing

During the week of October 11-15, The Theological School of La Paz offered an intensive, in-depth study on Mark chapters 1-8 lead by IM Global Consultant Stan Slade.  The students were in class 6 hours a day for the 5 days.  It wasn’t a world record but it was a record of sorts for us.  20 brothers and sisters sat in class for those 30 hours and fed on God’s word banquet style! By the end of the week the students were filled to overflowing. They shared comments about how they had experienced renewal, had come to know God’s heart better, and had been encouraged to study more.  One pastor shared that the class and the program at the school was helping people in his church serve God in greater ways.

It seems to me that there are a lot of things that fall into the life-giving and life-consuming categories.  God always gives life.  God’s word always feeds our hearts and souls.  As time consuming as study is, The Theological School of La Paz is all about the abundant life of Christ becoming ever more real in the lives and hearts of our students. A 1.67 mile long, 7 and a half ton burrito can feed a lot of people one time.  In contrast, as one heart is fed, nourished, and nurtured by God’s word, God uses it to reach the world for eternity.