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Wendy Bernhard Honored in DR Congo

November 6, 2010 Journal
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American Baptist missionary Wendy Bernhard, along with Pastors Emmanuel Kembo and Eloi-Paulin Ngutu, respectively General Secretary and Associate General Secretary of the Congo Baptist Community (C.B.CO.), were presented recently with the Diploma of Honor and Civic Merit by the international organization, Center for Social Advancement, Defense of Human Rights and Community Development (CEPRODHEC-CONGO).  The award recognizes excellence in the promotion of positive values and is designed to serve as an encouragement to others to join in the struggle for the holistic development of the Congo, which celebrated the fiftieth anniversary of its independence from Belgium on June 30, 2010.

The diplomas were presented in Kinshasa and Kimpese by the national director of CEPRODHEC-CONGO, Guillaume Mvula, son of Dr. Simon Mvula of Tulane University. 

Wendy Bernhard has served in the Congo since 1983 in pastoral education and youth ministries.  Pastors Kembo and Ngutu have been at the helm of C.B.CO. since 2005, and the honor came on the eve of elections in August 2010 to choose their successors.  At the church’s general assembly in August, Pastor Ngutu was elected general secretary, and Pastor Kembo will become director of the church’s new printing press.  

The Congo Baptist Community is the fruit of American Baptist presence in the Congo since 1884, when Baptist missionaries took over the work of the Livingstone Inland Mission, founded by by Strom and Craven in 1878.


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