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Update on Congo Baptist Community Conflict

November 3, 2010 Journal
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The Congo Baptist Community (C.B.CO) held its general assembly at its denominational headquarters in Kinshasa in August, 2010, amid hopes that a solution would be found to the administrative conflict that has plagued the Community since 2004.  Unfortunately, because of scheduling and other problems, the conflict has not been resolved.  The delegates who were present elected a new general secretary and associate, as the terms of office of the officials had come to an end.  The associate general secretary, Rev. Eloi Paulin Ngutu, was elected to replace Rev. Emmanuel Kembo as general secretary, and the new associate is Rev. Paul Samba, long-time church leader in the city of Kinshasa.
C.B.CO leaders have been encouraged by leaders of the Church of Christ in Congo (council of churches) to find a solution to the conflict by the end of the year.  Committees are now meeting to resolve clauses of the statutes and bylaws that are in contention, and a special assembly is scheduled for December, when, hopefully, the two sides will be reconciled.
Please continue to pray for a resolution to this conflict, as the church's Christian witness, especially in the Bas Congo province where I work, has been seriously compromised for nearly seven years now.  It's time to find a solution that will honor the Lord and permit His Kingdom work to progress once again through the Baptist Community of Congo.