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She came for entertainment?

October 21, 2010 Journal
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Dear friends,

"She came for entertainment, but found it boring,” I thought.  Has God ever surprised you by changing someone you did not expect to change?

A middle-aged student disappeared after the second week long session of the “School of Abraham” in the Republic of Georgia.  I was surprised several years later when I returned for yet more teaching and she was my translator, full of excitement and enthusiasm! She said, “I have been unable to come, because I got a job as a maid in Turkey. I put the lessons that you taught me into practice, and they work!”  Never underestimate what God is doing! 

I am sometimes asked, “Should I give to the personal support of an International Ministries worker, or should I give to the World Mission Offering?” The personal support is what enables people like me to fulfill the call that God has placed on our lives. International Ministries has also always been committed to teaching and empowering our partners. The World Mission Offering is what allows many of our partners to put into practice the things we model and teach. International Ministries has always had a remarkable balance, supporting their own workers, but supporting even more workers among our international partners. They are the ones that best know how to implement the training we give, often in creative and unexpected ways.

We have the privilege of being “co-workers” with God (II Cor 6:1). The question should not be “Which one should I choose?” but rather, “Where and in what way is God wanting me to be his co-worker, or his partner?” That question is best answered by both our hearts and our heads. Emotion-alone driven [instead "Driven by emotion alone...] decisions often meet only our own needs, and do not make the most effective use of our resources. I knew that God had called me to have a special contribution in the Republic of Georgia. My heart burns with excitement about what God is doing and seems to want to do through our amazing sisters and brothers in Georgia. God then confirmed for my head that it is bearing fruit, and is indeed both strategic and effective by seeing the effectiveness of my translator.

Thank you for both your support for what God is doing through me personally, and for what God is doing throughout the world.  If you have not yet joined my missionary partnership network, click here to do so via my International Ministries "Profile" webpage.  This webpage also provides the easy way for you to provide an on-line donation to my ministry support.

With deepest gratitude,

Walt White
IM Global Consultant