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Thomas’ Travels Oct. 2010

October 20, 2010 Journal
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BRONX, New York. September 20 -24 was a fruitful and exciting time. My hard-working friend Dimas Salaberrios, pastor of Infinity Church, and his good wife Tiffany were used of God to make my stay very worthwhile. On Saturday morning Dimas and I baptized a 45-year-old movie actor, Scott Winters, in a lake in Connecticut. I took photos of the baptism for them. He came up out of the water praising God. We returned to the car singing "Wade in the water". Scott is gung-ho for evangelism with accompanying signs and wonders. Later on in the week, we spent a few hours talking about himself and his passion. He spoke movingly about the working of the Holy Spirit in his life. He wants to join me in some campaigns as his schedule allows. Scott also has two brothers who are in the movie profession.

On Sunday morning, I spoke at two services. One was at Bethel Gospel Assembly in Manhattan. This was in French for a group of West Africans. In upper Manhattan there are a lot of African Muslims who need to be reached for Christ. The second service was at Infinity Church. At the end of the service, many people came forward for prayer. There were those who were sick and afflicted, those with family problems, etc. I asked Scott to join with me in praying for them. Later that week, I held a one-hour Bible study in a movie theater, between the showings of a film. One of the people present was a lady for whom I had prayed on Sunday. She told me that she felt much better.

God willing, next July I will preach at an annual event called BRONX RIVER DAY. This is held in an area where many hip-hop and rap artists congregate for the day. Around 2,000 people normally attend this festival. The area is known for its drugs, AIDS, crime, prostitution, poverty and violence. Just the kind of situation that makes me excited about preaching the Word and expecting God to confirm it with signs and wonders.

I will be joining with other ministries in New York City next year which you will hear more about in due course. My motto is to go where the need is greatest and the call (to me) is loudest, and then to move with the movers. This keeps me from wasting time.

ON THE HOMEFRONT IN EUROPE. October 9-10, I joined with twenty other co-laborers for a weekend of prayer and fasting, and planning for the next season of Gospel Vision. This ministry is led by my colleague Franck Alexandre. The eighteen-wheeler Gospel Truck is being used to reach towns and cities in parts of Europe. It is a multi-purpose ministry. Besides working with and through the local churches, it is also being used of God to raise up and train young evangelists in street preaching. In preparation for the summer 2011, I expect to visit Poland and Romania next spring to teach friendship evangelism and to emphasize the vital need for follow-up. Last summer, two of my NGA colleagues, Martin DeJong and P.J. Meduri, were two of the evangelists working with Gospel Vision.

This month, November 17-20, I am attending the Proclamation Evangelism Network (PEN) Conference in Nashville, Tennessee. It will be a time of fellowship, inspiration, encouragement and planning for evangelistic outreaches in America and abroad.

KINSHASA, DRC. The evangelization of the Democratic Republic of Congo was given a big boost a few weeks ago. The first lady, Madame Olive Kabila, called the country to three days of prayer and fasting. Then the churches held a prayer rally in the football stadium which was attended by tens of thousands of people. We are hoping that Madame Kabila or one of her representatives will be able to attend our New Year's Eve rally this year, when we are expecting an attendance of 50,000 people. Please be very much in prayer for me as I will be ministering on that occasion and pray for all those who are preparing the event. We are all looking forward to a moving time.

Thank you for caring and for sharing in this ministry.

Thank you for praying for Mrs. Brenda Sanders. Her operation for cancer was much less extensive than expected. Truly God is good. She is recovering well.

LAST MINUTE DEVELOPMENT: I have accepted an invitation to go to Port-au-Prince, HAITI, for November 22-28, where some of the church leaders are having 50 days of revival meetings and I am going for one of those weeks. While in Haiti, I will also be talking with some leaders about having a large crusade next year. Thank you for including these developments in your prayers.


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