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Baby Survives Earthquake

October 17, 2010 Journal
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Peace of our Risen Lord to each and every one of you. 

We want to introduce you to our new baby friend. Her name is Kwenssy Kairah. She is 9 months old and a earthquake survivor. Kwenssy owes her life to her grandmother who, when dying put her under her arm keeping her safe from the rubble. The grandmother died as well the mother of the little girl. Kwenssy was one month old when found 3 days after the quake still alive. In the "hospital" where they took her, her right arm was about to be amputated when the doctor put the amputation off. That off saved the small arm. The next day, nobody talked about that amputation anymore. Today she can use that arm without any difficulty although it is not straight.

Kwenssy is in Haut-Limbe thanks to a friend who used to rent the same house as the deceased mother and grandmother. Nancy, the Good Samaritan, decided to take Kwenssy and her surviving aunt to Limbe.  Nancy’s two boys and parents live there. She has given them a place to live with them. 

When we got back home, the wife of the president of the university told us about the need to assist Kwenssy.

Apparently the small girl does not look too bad but a close examination shows some signs of not having a balanced diet. Kihomi will try to incorporate Kwenssy into her caring ministry.

Please let’s join Nancy’s faith and be praying for Kwenssy and many more who are in her situation.

 Yours in Haiti

 Kihomi and Nzunga   

Dear Friends,

Nzunga and Kihomi can show the hurting Haitians God’s love on so many practical ways because they are there.  They are there because of your support.  You are truly feeding, clothing and quenching the thirst of the “least of these”.  They desperately need a vehicle to make their ministry effective.  Please pray we will be able to raise the funds quickly to get them one. 


Dennis Shewell