International Ministries


June 19, 2007 Journal

In mid-April, the First Baptist Church of Olean, NY, sent a mission team to La Paz to partner with Emmanuel Baptist Church. The team helped to tile a kitchen, paint Sunday School rooms, and other general repairs for the Christian Education wing. At their closing worship service, members from the team and the church shared how God had blessed them through this cross-cultural encounter.

My life will never be the same. Thank you for letting us come to help you. Most of all, thank you for letting us get to know you. (Nancy)

I’m a teacher in a high school. It is difficult right now to find the words I want. Thank you for the opportunity to work with you. (Dave)

To have seen your smiles and faces has blessed me. (Mason)

Thank you for letting us work beside you. We’ve learned a lot. (Lars)

In Christ, we have no barriers. In Christ, we’re able to do everything. We have the same willingness to work together. (Artenacio)

We’re going to finish the work you began. Two days a week we will keep meeting and working. We’re very thankful that you’ve given us new energy and incentive. (Fernando)

I thank you for being here. In the name of the Convention Baja California Sur, thank you for the warmth and love of yourselves. Take greetings to your church from us. We pray that you return quickly. We’ll always remember you.--for the spiritual strength you gave us, not the physical labor only. What you have done is not in vain. We will continue what you’ve started. And thank you to your families and churches that supported you to be here. May your church continue to be blessed. (Pastor Guillermo Escobedo, President of the Baptist Convention for BCS . . . Pastor Guillermo’s first pastorate in La Paz was at Emmanuel. Under his leadership the Christian Education wing of this church was built. The team’s efforts to finish this project brought joy to his heart and fulfillment of a dream he began many years ago.)

And in a letter from Emmanuel to the Olean Team:
We saw you work hard everyday and show love to us. You will be in our hearts and minds each day. Each night we will pray for you as long as we have life. You were a great blessing to us. We will miss you greatly. Don’t forget us. Come back soon.

There will be showers of blessings! Thank you for supporting us, for letting us serve as Christ’s ambassadors in La Paz where we have the joy of bringing together like hearts and minds in the name of Jesus.

David and Joyce