International Ministries

How Many Houses? 34!

June 17, 2007 Journal
Yes, 34 houses needed paint at Batey San Jose, Nizao in Dominican Republic. Montgomery Community Church from Cincinnati, OH took this project and came with a team of 13 during the week of March 30th thru April 5th. We had 6 kids on this team and what a great help they were! These homes at the Batey are the houses built by the Sugar Cane companies for the workers of the sugarcane to live in while they are at harvest…but it has become their homes not only of the men that work at the sugar cane fields, but also of their families. Many of these men get together with a lady and start having kids…and you can find in a house with 2 bunkbeds a family of 5, 7, 11 and more living together! They will not go back to Haiti, they prefer to live in these conditions and be all together and have a secure meal for the day. These homes needed some paint, and there we were for a week painting their homes! What heat, lots of dust, no rain, and lot to paint. Some men of the community voluntarily helped and made the work a little easier and faster. In the afternoon we had VBS with all the children of this community. We started with 30, then 37, then 42 and the last day 62! That is the way it goes in a batey! Many thanks for your visit not only to Batey San Jose, but also to Orphanage Emanuel and to the many families you blessed. Hope to see you all again in the Dominican Republic. Painting! Pretty Homes! Helpers! Purchasing the paint. Part of the kids for the VBS Teachers getting ready for VBS More VBS… Giving out clothes, shoes, etc. A new Washer Machine for Orphanage Emanuel A new rim and ball for Orphanage Emanuel