International Ministries

Pray for John and Tomoko Armagost

August 22, 2010 PrayerCall
John and Tomoko serve with the Japan Baptist Union (JBU) churches in the Kansai (western) area of Japan. They preach, teach, and lead Bible studies for congregations and groups across the area.

Currently, youth, children and families are the focus of their work as they seek to promote children and youth ministries in individual churches and area wide. Youth provide the hope of the future of the church in Japan. However because Japan is a hi-tech modern nation, the children and youth are under tremendous pressure to succeed.  This pressure has led to depression, suicide and other domestic and societal problems.  

They hope to see families strengthened, children and youth encouraged and lives changed as people discover the love of God shown through Jesus Christ.

John writes: Imagine your youth group has been planning a mission trip. You join your friends in the group working to prepare for the trip. For 3 years many of your Saturdays are spent working to raise funds. Your pastor and youth leaders speak and teach about missions. Questions are discussed. “How can we share the gospel of Jesus Christ with people who speak another language?” Somewhere in the preparations for this journey, you meet Christ and the journey takes on a whole new meaning.

In a nut shell, I believe this is what happened with some of the young people at FBC Kansas City, Missouri. Mariko Prigel, one of the youth leaders is from Japan. A few years ago some of the youth suggested they go to Japan for a mission trip. A youth mission trip to Japan? Some people might ask, why Japan? It is a rich country. That would cost so much. However, Mariko said the Lord opened the doors each step of the way during the preparation.

Near the end of their time here in Japan, Tomoko took the group to the Hiroshima Peace Park, and then on to her home town of Setoda, on a small island in the Inland Sea. They stayed at the Setoda Baptist Church. I drove down to meet them and on a beautiful afternoon the youth gathered at “Sunset Beach” along with several members from the Setoda Church. With the blessing of their pastor, Rev. Doug Valentine, I had the privilege of baptizing Lexi and Jashuna. These two young ladies testified their lives were changed in the preparations for this journey to Japan and wanted to be baptized in Japan. So at the beach where Tomoko was baptized as a youth, they gave their testimonies and began another journey, as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

·        Pray for Tomoko and John as they serve and for their children: Ami (U. of Waterloo, Canada), Alisen (17) and Andy (15)