International Ministries

Getting to Know the People

April 2, 2007 Journal

Dear Partners in Ministry:

Hot and sticky, Hot and dry but this is coupled with cool mornings and cold iced drinks so we can’t complain too much. School break and the Hot Season are upon us but God has touched us with much hope over the past month and that sustains us.

We did a round of end of school parties that meant more this year, as we won’t be coming back next year. Still the school break hasn’t meant a slow down in the work. Many people have requested special summer programs and more people have free time to come and chat. Many meetings are scheduled for the break and we ask for your prayers as we do a lot of traveling.

Last month we asked you to pray for the community of Ban Faa where we were building an exercise course and play area. It is finished and we have been enjoying exercising there but even more, getting to know the people in the surrounding area. We asked you to pray for one man that was showing interest in the Gospel. He invited us over to his house one night and we were able to share the gospel with him and about a dozen of his friends that he had invited to hear our presentation. It felt very good to be able to share the gospel openly and directly and not in veiled words as we had been invited expressly to do that.
* Please continue to pray that as we follow up these people they will eventually turn their lives over to the Lord.

In July to November we will be coming to the States for US/Puerto Rico assignment and hopefully will be speaking in your churches and meeting lots of you. If you would like to have us visit your church please contact the Minister of Mission Support in region office and ask to have it scheduled. Also this time we will be asking churches and individuals to support us in the ministry here. This is a new thing for International Ministries and for us.
* Please pray for us as we adjust to the new style.

Prayer Points
* For travel as we go to meetings around the country.
* For the witness in Ban Faa
* For guidance as we plan teaching materials to be used while we are gone.

With our love and thanks for your partnership,

Larry & Jan