International Ministries

Helping in a Time of Need

March 27, 2007 Journal

Dear Loved Ones,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The situation of this girl is heart breaking for us. Her name is L'Aine Mathieu, the fourth child in the family of Mr. Mathieu, a gardener and Mrs. Jeudi Lucienne, a gardener, from the small town of Pilate, about 3 hours from our place.

L'Aine Mathieu is 4 years old and starting having trouble with her eye the last week of January. The parents without means did not know where to go. They took her to a small clinic in Pilate but could not find any help. When they came to our clinic early this week, it was too late. The whole eye has to be taken out (the case of Retinoblastoma).

Our doctor referred her to the general hospital, "Hopital Justinien," where he has made some arrangement to get the little Mathieu girl taken care of. The parents can not afford such a costly operation. So he is counting on our assistance.

* Please pray for this family and the little Mathieu. Please join us as we struggle to find ways to help this family.


Nzunga Mabudiga
The Cap-Haitian Administrator