International Ministries

Visit of the Mission Group from Rhode Island

April 12, 2007 Journal
Mike Kelly, one member of the group that came this past March 18 to 26, 2007, brought his fishing rod and was very enthusiastic during the mission trip about catching a fish in the Lempa River, which is close to the mission field where we are working to build up the Peace Park. One day he appeared with a fish and we all celebrated the catch. Eric, one wise youth, observed one small detail, which was that the fish was not moving like it would had it been caught recently. Toño, one of the workers, was surprised for he was fishing in that area at the same time, and he was not able to catch anything. Finally, at the vigil Mike confessed his catch with a laugh, testifying that he bought the fish from a man and brought it to us as evidence of his adventures. A wise man that brings his fishing rod for the next year will expect to catch the fish that stay in the river, and we continue waiting for our dreamers to come with or without fishing rods to build up the possibilities for peace in El Salvador. This group came from four churches including a Catholic church. They represented an ecumenically minded group. They laughed so much and were respectful of each other and had so much fun together. From Rhode Island they gave a testimony to engage in or fish this area seeking peace in a society filled with turmoil and tensions. If we cannot fish or see the vision we can get one to help us to continue the process for building peace in this region. The group engaged in doing things that facilitate the work here. They put lights outside the mission temple. They installed toilets at the church in Jucuapa. Plus the extra thing they did is build up the fences of the mission, to avoid soil erosion at the temple. They also visited Galicia the worker that suffered a work related accident. They also did an extra thing that helped us to see the enthusiasm and desire to sponsor the work here: the women from the Coop made corn husk dolls and they bought them to promote the work here at the project. Thanks to the help of this group I know that God will support and provide for good fish in the water of the Lempa River for giving to others. Rvda. Dr. Magda Aguirre Missionary El Salvador