International Ministries

Building Peace and a Piece of the Retaining Wall

March 20, 2007 Journal
May God be with you these days of sun and hot weather at El Salvador. My faith is growing when I hear people that are interested in contacting us and adding to the dreamers of peace and love in a culture of no peace. By no peace I mean a culture of leaving because of the instability of social, economic and political injustices. In the middle of that we can be a testimony of a different behavior of trust and faith by being a Christian of deep conviction and move in the spirit of the Holy Spirit that inspires us to do what God wants us to do. I visited the mission work at el Puente Cusctalan I have included photos of how the work at the wall looked March 10th. A group from Rhode Island came March 17th to work here. We are so happy to receive people that put their hearts and money into this project. Another pastor from Wisconsin wants to come to work in the area. That is wonderful. It’s amazing what God is doing! We hope they can come to work here in the middle of June 07. I received the photos of Dale Phillips’ grandchild that passed ten days old in February. Dale was the leader of the project group from Waverly, Illinois. He was always waiting and praying for the coming of his first grand baby. We celebrate the life and the happiness of this family that adore El Salvador and the kids here. We keep in touch in Christ, Rvd. Dr. Magda Aguirre Missionary El Salvador