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Vallley of the Kings and Karnak

June 29, 2010 Journal
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This morning we got up from our hotel in Luxor and packed up for a new adventure as we were up for an incredible day. First we were going to the Valley of the Kings, and then to the Karnak temple complex. We drove to the valley of the kings and took a small cart bus up to the mountain were there were several tombs of Egyptian king scattered all around the mountain,. We chose three (Ramses I,III, and IX) because our guide suggested them. Most of the tombs are a steady stairwell which it gets hot really fast but the symbols and hieroglyphics are so crazy that your mind is fixed on it the whole time. The first tomb was not furnished all the way (because they believe the king died before it was finished).  You could tell that some of the pictures and markings weren’t all the way finished but it was beautiful to see them in the flesh. The other 2 tombs were filled with so many markings on the walls and unique structure design,s it looked like it does in a movie or something. Feeling the walls on some of the tombs it gives you more feeling than you can explain. After the valley of the kings we headed toward the Karnak temple, which was huge. This temple (actually many temples and chapels built over centuries, was started by Ramses II, and was dedicated to the Amun, who later became Amun Re, or the sun god. The temple is filled with structures of statues and paintings, as well as columns so tall they range the same height as the roof of the temple. Another thing that was interesting was that in the 3rd and 4th centuries A.D., Christians painted over some of the paintings and hieroglyphics, and used them as churches. Seeing things there like they were made you kind of imagine how things were back then. This was or could have been the start of humanity and it shows how even in today’s world how they were so advanced back then.  It also shows, from all of the incredible things we saw,  that human beings have been searching for spiritual answers from the beginning.