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Whoops, I rolled the car

July 5, 2010 Journal
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Dear Partners in Ministry,
The question is:  Were we ever away?!   The last few weeks have seen us settle into our “normal routine,” but this has not been without incident or challenge.
New challenges:  Enabling Inn to continue her ministry of teaching Bua Gao and Yot.  Including her on a specific trip makes life seem more difficult, but she is keen, and we really believe she should continue in this role of discipling and sharing.
Slow down; you’re going too fast—getting the nurses in the home visitation program to slow down and be realistic.  We returned to find that Goy and Mai have been actively seeking out clients for us.  Their hope was that we would get these people into the same government program we have Bus, Bet, and Bai Toon in.  Unfortunately they are too old.  We are now dealing with unrealistic expectations and then disappointment.
And we have the new challenge of finding appropriate ways of ministering to these folk to show that we, as Jesus’ people, care for them. 

Up and down first: The practical challenges of getting a wheel chair for a young man is nothing compared to the challenge of getting him out of his home—ten steps and no railing. While we are thinking of these things, his dad, forty-four years old and the mainstay of the family, died unexpectedly, leaving his wife, a disabled son, and a nine-year-old daughter.  How do we show the love and compassion of Jesus to this family?
A says aah  Then we have the old challenge of starting back to school.  Looking for new ways to teach the kids or help the teachers in their teaching has us scratching our heads.
Whoops!  I, Jan, rolled the car the other day—a simple trip into town to get a kid assessed was cut short.  The mountain road was wet, and I lost control of the car.  It spun off into a ditch and flipped over.  We all crawled out unhurt, and the first car to pass was a van carrying a short-term mission team.  They helped us back to town and encouraged me.
We praise God for His presence at all times and for his provision of safety, on this occasion.  Our prayer for all of us is that we will praise him in all situations, knowing that He is in control when we are not and that we can trust Him to work it out within His plan.
Thanks again for traveling with us!

 In Christ,
Jan and Larry
Prayer and Praise
• Praise God for Inn’s desire to be used in discipling Bua Gao and Yot.
• Pray for a good rainy season this year.  We got very little rain last year, and all the local dams and wells are very low. 
• Pray for Anna.  She has joined us to look at ministry options.  Pray for wisdom for her as she discerns what God would have her do in the future.
• Pray for wisdom in helping the folk with disabilities and for our relationships with their families and the nurses we work alongside.
• Praise God for His mercy of safety for Jan and her passengers.
• Pray for us as we go into the schools. Pray that through our relationships we will be able to influence teachers and students for Christ.
• Pray for Muana and Villy as they minister to Po Beng’s family.  Po Beng, a believer in the Ban Sra community, passed away recently.  Praise God with us!  We know he is with Jesus and is now free from sickness and pain.
• Pray for recently started frog and fish projects, designed to help poor families with protein and income. 
Upcoming Dates:
July 10-12        A weekend away
July 16             Leadership Training Day
July 17             Larry has a meeting in Bangkok.