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September 26, 2006 Journal

In the Beginning…

It is really hard to believe, but we have been in Lusaka, Zambia for one month.We arrived on August 11, picked up all of our luggage, rented a car and immediately started looking for housing.We are living in temporary housing until something more permanent is found. It has been quite challenging, quite challenging indeed!

The water in the area where we are staying is only available from 6:00 pm to 8:00 am, and then only on some days, so our dad and the house care-taker have toCistern make sure that they fill buckets and barrels while the water is on.To get water into the pipes in the house there is a large water tank (cistern), mounted high up on a platform, that can be filled whenever the water plant is supplying water; but the water pressure is so low that water will not go up into the storage tank.

H2O On the Go (Or Not)

We ordered water once and when that ran out we went back to the Lusaka Water and Sewage Department to order more but the only truck they have was broken so we have no running water in the house now.We have come up with a well devised system of dipping pitchers and buckets into the barrels and heating the water up in kettles to put into basins to bathe.We have to start early in the morning because our ride to school is about 25-30 minutes long, depending on the traffic.

Making Friends

We have all made real good friends at school and have already gone to their houses for sleepovers.Chasah has a good buddy for enjoying acting and movie-going whose mother works for USAID, Caleb has a friend he can play tennis and enter into tournaments with, and Charliese has a posse of friends she can call and chat and send instant messages with.

The Weather

We enjoy the weather because it is usually nice and sunny although it has gotten a little chilly, but not too cold.

Things We SawHello Chameleon!!

We saw a real live chameleon and it looked like it was dancing the cha cha cha when it walked.We wanted to catch it and keep it for a pet, but our parents weren't too keen on the idea.Oh well, they had better get used to being back in Africa.